Bargain hunting on our site…. Shhhhh!

Occasionally, we post about our clearance section on our website – a hidden gem, a bargain hunters dream and a must-browse section on our website. This is where we load the last bits and bobs from our ranges – some with only a few sizes left, maybe a range that only has 1 item left, products that are nearing expiry date (6 months to go is the general average).

As you know, having a baby is expensive – it all adds up so quickly. And let’s not get started about all the kids’ parties that are on the horizon. So, our advice is to save where you can! This is why our clearance section has become a firm favourite with our regular clients.

Here are some examples that are on the section:

Elizabeth Anne’s Goodnight soap is R6 a bar! In comparison, on a very well-known massive store that sells everything under the sun, they are priced at R14 a bar.

Tommee Tippee Teat set is R45 a set on special, on the same massive online store they are on special too – but at R75 a set!

Mothercare hat and mit set is now R90 instead of R220 – super cute and warm for winter, but we only have 3-6 months left!

View all the specials here: Clearance sale 

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