Auctions, What do you think?

We are thinking about starting Babalove Auctions. A few of our regular clients have often jokingly tried to negotiate a different price and have often tried to bid on a product… Which made us think, should we not try auctions? So, we want to know what you think?

It would work like this:

  • We would choose a product
  • Upload the image and description on Facebook
  • Set a price base
  • Set a time frame
  • Interested parties would need to comment with bid’s in increments of R10
  • The highest bid wins….
  • And we would then tag the winner and ask them to get in touch, we would then email them the invoice for payment and ship it off to them.
  • This means if you are lucky, you could get items at less than cost, or at even half the price of retail.



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About Babalove
South Africa.
The idea behind BabaLove came about as a result of two first time parents who wanted only the best for little boy and realised that there were no online South African services that provided everything you need for your child - in one place.