2017 – what to expect this year from us…

You may have noticed some subtle changes this last month online…. As 2017 is here, we are ready to make some great changes, and here is a sneak peek at what will happen this month:

-          We are going to be supporting local brands and stop importing international brands. While we still have stock and received a massive batch in January from the UK – it will be our last import. Thereafter, local all the way!

-          We are focusing, we are refining our range and selecting on the very best and selling the rest off

-          Body products – we are going the natural route and limiting to only 2 brands moving forward. Our Cussons range has become a massive & popular range so we will keep it. But moving forward, we are looking at only natural.

-          Products selling out will be removed from the website as soon as we can. There is nothing worse than finding a product you want and it’s out of stock…

-          Bringing on more local brands

-          Special orders…. We allow for special orders for local brands that we sell. If you are ordering more than 10 of an item than we negotiate specials and can even through in free courier (in some cases)

-          Embracing social media – we will launch our Facebook shop, which will be linked to our website.

-          We have employed a mom blogger who will be reviewing our products on our website. She will be updating once a week with a product of her choice. She will be sharing the good & bad of all our products and we will not be removing or editing her posts. If she doesn’t like something, you will know and we won’t be stocking it again ;)

-          We will also be sharing more recipes and things to do in SA with your kids…

If you have any ideas please email info@babalove.co.za. If you would like to sell your local products on our website, please email lisa@babalove.co.za with information about your product and images. We will then review it and in some cases require a product to test and one of our mom blogger.

Happy 2017!

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