Our resolutions, written by some of our favourite moms:

Most of us are back at work now – and most likely thinking of our new year’s resolutions… But as a parent, our resolutions can be slightly different to the normal: travel more; eat less; gym more… lists!

We have created a list from our favourite clients. We asked them each to give some thought and share with us, a great resolution… here they are:

  • Be present – put the phone down and really be present with your child. Talk to them, make something with them, read to them…. But most importantly, find at least 1 full hour a day to give them your undivided attention.
  • Let them make mess. We always want a neat and clean house, but at least once a week, claim the day as a mess day. And try your best not to freak out if all the cushions are on the floor, all the toys are all over the house. When they go to bed, you can pack it all away.
  • Date day…. We always try and have date night with our partners, but what about our kids? Select one random day a month and take them to their favourite place – whether it’s for lunch, just for an ice-cream or even for a milk-shake. Take the time and enjoy it.
  • Be the fun parent, we are often caught up with work, chores and the never-ending social calendar that we become so busy we forget to have some fun. Try and break that pattern this year, if you hear your child laughing away, join in. Have some fun – be the fun parent with your child.
  • Don’t stress the little things – if they don’t want to eat their vegetables today or pack away their clothes, try again tomorrow. Let’s be honest, we don’t always pack away our washing every day, or feel like eating veggies… let them have the same flexibility.
  • We can’t make time stand still, but try and embrace the days. Your kid/s will grow so fast, don’t miss it all but been caught up with normal, every-day things!
  • Make albums! We are always so busy on social media and snapping pictures on our phone. When was the last time we made an album? Do it!!! 
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