How to get in touch with Santa – messages & calls are now a click away….

The time is here, the elves are busy, and Santa’s helpers are hard at work! At a recent party where Santa made an appearance, I asked him – how can we keep in touch?! And he shared the best way – he now has an App!

However, he did still ask that all the kids could still send him their usual December letters – either to pop it in their own letterbox and the elves would collect them, or to send it to his postal address in the North Pole – mom & dad will have the address for you. He loves reading all the notes and pictures every evening with a cup of warm coco & some freshly baked biscuits.

His new app is called “Santa Claus” and is free. Available on Android, Play Store and Apple store, and take’s a few seconds to download. The best part of it is that you can either send him text messages, schedule a call or even leave him a voicemail. He says that with the App, he can always make time. The text messages are always responded to quickly and with some festive cheer!

Thanks for sharing this with us Santa!

PS – Santa asks not to forget to leave him some milk and cookies, and some snacks for the reindeers on the 24th December, it’s a long night and he will need some substance on the way.

- Babalove

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