About BabaLove

The idea behind BabaLove came about as a result of two first time parents who wanted only the best for little boy and realised that there were no online South African services that provided everything you need for your child - in one place. 
As loving parents ourselves, we decided to create a fully comprehensive baby accessories service that offers everything you could possibly need to plan, outfit and organise your child's needs. Every product has been thoroughly researched by us and only products worthy of our own child are chosen for you and your baby. 
And so BabaLove came to be, a service born out of the love two parents had for their first child and wanting only the best for their little boy. Now as a result, BabaLove brings you and your baby that same love and dedication. 
What is BabaLove? BabaLove is a South African Baby products website with everything from top quality baby clothes and baby furniture to a baby registry to help you plan your baby shower. Feel free to browse our website, search our top quality products or sign up for the baby registry and if you have any question about what we do or about the products and services we offer, head over to our Contact us page and give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are always happy to help.