Making your own baby food #101

Let’s face it Purity & Hipp have some great baby food options, but if you have the time – then we urge you to make your own baby food. It’s really easy and far cheaper & healthy for your baby. Plus you can make it in bulk, fill up your freezer and have food for weeks!

Here are some tips:

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Let the Festive Season Shopping Begin!

With Christmas nearing and the never ending list-making begins, we have compiled a sweet list of things that every child should get over the holiday season. Of course, not every child is lucky enough to get a Christmas present, which is why we urge you to all sign up for Santa’s Shoebox!

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Finally a Nappy Bag for Dad's!

Shooweee we have been busy lately, hence why we have neglected our blog quite a bit – so sorry… But we are back!

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Bargain hunting on our site…. Shhhhh!

Occasionally, we post about our clearance section on our website – a hidden gem, a bargain hunters dream and a must-browse section on our website. This is where we load the last bits and bobs from our ranges – some with only a few sizes left, maybe a range that only has 1 item left, products that are nearing expiry date (6 months to go is the general average).

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Another way to Shop & Find our Products!

Check out our Facebook shop! We love the new feature that Facebook has launched. For those of you that have a Facebook weakness (us included), you can now check out our products on our very own page.

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Auctions, What do you think?

We are thinking about starting Babalove Auctions. A few of our regular clients have often jokingly tried to negotiate a different price and have often tried to bid on a product… Which made us think, should we not try auctions? So, we want to know what you think?

It would work like this:

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2017 – what to expect this year from us…

You may have noticed some subtle changes this last month online…. As 2017 is here, we are ready to make some great changes, and here is a sneak peek at what will happen this month:

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Our resolutions, written by some of our favourite moms:

Most of us are back at work now – and most likely thinking of our new year’s resolutions… But as a parent, our resolutions can be slightly different to the normal: travel more; eat less; gym more… lists!

We have created a list from our favourite clients. We asked them each to give some thought and share with us, a great resolution… here they are:

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How to get in touch with Santa – messages & calls are now a click away….

The time is here, the elves are busy, and Santa’s helpers are hard at work! At a recent party where Santa made an appearance, I asked him – how can we keep in touch?! And he shared the best way – he now has an App!

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Sneak peek at our Black Friday deals

While we are releasing all our black Friday deals on Facebook daily, we thought that we would reward our avid blog readers with the preview of what they can expect this week! And trust us, when we sat down to do the deals – we must have been a little crazy, they are amazing specials… especially Fridays! #blackfriday


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